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Name and Surname From Title of the presentation
Michał Banaszak Poland Monte Carlo study of multiblock copolymer systems at low temperatures
Andrea Di Cicco Italy Local ordering in liquids under extreme conditions
Yuri Feldman Israel Non-Debye dielectric response in complex systems
Nikolaos Gouskos Greece EPR study of cation disorder in Zn2FeV3O(11-x)
Marek Grinberg Poland Characterization of lattice disorder of chromium doped systems by high pressure spectroscopy.
Józef Haponiuk Poland Characterization of PA6/Thermoplastic Polyurethane and PA6/Thermoplastic Polyurethane Nanocomposite Blends
Grigoriy Ilchuk Ukraine Processes of vapour phase growth of A2B6 single crystals, epitaxial layers and structures on their basis
Tomasz Klimczuk Poland Chemistry and properties of NaxCoO2 yH2O superconductor
Andrzej Kłonkowski Poland Luminescent materials consisting of metal or semiconductor nanoparticles and lanthanide (III) ions embeded in xerogel matrices prepared by sol-gel procedure
Krystyna Ławniczak-Jabłońska Poland Examination of the local structure in ceramics and low dimension semiconductors by XAS
Andrzej Maksymowicz Poland Density of States in Structurally Disordered 1D Chains of Atoms
Stepan Mudry Ukraine Influence of dopping on structure of eutectic melts
Oleksij Mykolajchuk Ukraine Physical properties of {Y, La}- {Fe, Co}-Ge thin films
Bohdan Padlyak Poland Structure and spectroscopy of the rare-earth doped glassses of CaO-Ga2O3-GeO2 system (the review)
George Papadopoulos Greece I--V characteristic and magnetoresistance of homogeneous materials
Valerii Shvets Ukraine Conductivity of metallic hydrogen
Władysław Tomaszewicz Poland Thermally stimulated currents in amorphous solids due to complex heating regimes
Konstantin Tretiakov Poland Elastic properties of the polydisperse soft discs in two dimensions
Krzysztof Wojciechowski Poland Simple models of thermodynamically stable solid phases of aperiodic structure
Peter Yakibchuk Ukraine The T-matrix approach to calculation of the density of states for binary metallic alloys
Other participants
Olena Aksimentjeva Ukraine Model operation of ageing processes inthe modified polymeric films
Ryszard Jan Barczyński Poland Multiple acoustic and optical phonon assisted hopping in oxide glasses containing transition metal ions
Lidia Bednarska Ukraine Influence of the crystallization on the corrosion of the amorphous alloys Al87Ni8Y5
Grzegorz Bergmański Poland The structure of MD-simulated ZBEN glasses
Maciej Bobrowski Poland A "learn on the fly" hybrid quantum-classical simulation method for metals
Jacek Dziedzic Poland On the surprising behaviour of the Stillinger-Weber potential for GeSi alloys with respect to small variations of parameters
Joanna Gackowska Poland Structure and melting of lead nanocrystalline laye in reduced lead germanate glass
Maria Gazda Poland (Bi,Pb)4Sr3Ca3Cu4Ox glass-ceramics: disordered metal and superconductor
Piotr Grygiel Poland Thermally stimulated currents in amorphous solids at mixed carrier recombination:II. Quasi-equilibrium approximation
Wojciech Gryk Poland High pressure decays of LiXO3:Pr3+ (X=Nb,Ta) crystals
Yuri Gudyma Ukraine Nonequilibrium first order phase transition in semiconductor disordered system with Moss-Burstein shift
Piotr Gużyński Poland Synthesis and properties of solid polyurethane electrolytes
Grażyna Jarosz Poland Low signal impedance spectra of organic films
Andrzej Kornylo Poland Investigation annealed LLGG:Cr crystals under high pressure
Mikołaj Kowalik Poland Monte Carlo simulations of the elastic properties of the hard dumbells in three dimesnions
Grażyna Krupińska Poland Stress dependence of hysteresis in amorphous bistable wires
Wiktor Kusnezh Ukraine Photovoltaic effect in structures on the basis of CdS films received by an electrochemical method
Boguslaw Kusz Poland Structure and melting of lead nanocrystalline laye in reduced lead germanate glass
Beata Lipowska Poland Influence of Ag and Au nanoparticles on luminescence of materials with Ln3+ ions incorporated into silica xerogel
Angelika Luchenko Ukraine Studing of nanoporous surface morphology of silicon monocrystalline substrates by method scanning tunnelling microscopy
Julia Łazniewska Poland Property predictions at modifications at epoxy resins
Maciej Łuszczek Poland The 'ab initio' calculations of selected (rare-earth) Ba2Cu3O7 high-temperature superconductors
Leon Murawski Poland Conductive layer on reduced lead-germanate glasses
Jakub Narojczyk Poland Influence of structural disorder on the elastic properties of some model systems at zero temperature
Riccardo Natali Italy Structure and properties of NixHf1-x alloys
Valerii Novikov Ukraine Effective conductivity of composite materials with chaotic structure
Maja Orłowska Poland Molecules and their complexes covalently grafted on surface of mesoporous silica
Yurii Plevachuk Ukraine Structure and physical properties of Pb-free melts
Victor Prysyazhnyuk Ukraine Features of formation of structure in films of Gd-Fe systems
Olexandr Roik Ukraine The short-range packing atoms in liquid metals
Olesya Romantsova Ukraine Heat transfer in gas clathrate hydrates at low temperatures
Piotr Romiszowski Poland The dynamics of polymer chains in porous media
Iulian Rusu Romania On the nonextensive formalism applied to the evolution of disordered systems. Thermal degradation of polymers
Jarosław Rybicki Poland
Ewa Rysiakiewicz-Pasek Poland Properties of porous glasses embedded with ferroelectric materials
Wojciech Sadowski Poland
Gennady Sapozhnikov Russia XPS investigation of the instability of the Ni-basedmelts surfaces
Ostap Semotyuk Ukraine Characteristic properties of disordering T-groupsmovement in the initial phase of [N(CH3)4]2ZnCl4 and [N(CH3)4]2CuCl4 crystals
Valerii Shvets Ukraine The electroconductivity of the liquid and amorphous alloys of transition metals
Ryszard Signerski Poland Photovoltaic effect in heterojunction formed from molybdenyl phthalocyjanine and perylene pigment
Beata Sikora Poland Germanate anomaly in heavy metal oxide glasses: an EXAFS analysis
Volodimir Sokolskii Ukraine Nanoparticles Formation in the Multi Component Oxide Melts
Angelina Solodovnik Ukraine Phase transitions and orientational order in oxygen thin films
Michał Strankowski Poland Structure of thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites
Władysław Tomaszewicz Poland Thermally stimulated currents in amorphous solids at mixed carrier recombination:I. Non-equilibrium approximation
Konrad Trzebiatowski Poland Conductive layer on reduced lead-germanate glasses
Janusz Typek Poland Influence of annealing on the physical propertiesof Zn3Fe4(VO4)6-x compound: EPR and TGA studies
Agnieszka Witkowska Poland Influence of the rare-earth impurities on the Ga and Ge local structure in the Ca3Ga2Ge3O12 glass
Maciej Wołoszyn Poland Density of States in Structurally Disordered 1D Chains of Atoms
Fatih Yasar Turkey The spin glass properties of the Hopfield neural network model
Magdalena Zalewska Poland Preparation and characterization of nano-sized titanium dioxide
Accompanying persons
Alice Rusu Romania

The list of participants will be systematically updated.

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